First digital daily about art and its actors  

Created in 2011, Le Quotidien de l’Art is the first digital daily about art and its actors. In 2018, he joined the Beaux Arts & Cie group, leader in the cultural press in Europe.

The news of art and its actors is now covered daily by the Daily (from Monday to Thursday), and decrypted every Friday by Hebdo du Quotidien de l’Art.

Why a Daily? 

Actors in the art world evolve in an environment where reactivity and the pleasure of discovery are essential. Le Quotidien gives the main information of the day, with announcements, appointments and results of key market moments (sales, fairs, etc.), as well as previews of exhibitions in museums, galleries, art centers, schools, foundations and associations.


Why a Weekly? 

L’Hebdo du Quotidien de l’Art proposes to deal in depth with current affairs in the form of surveys, analyses and decipherings both in the field of the art market and cultural policies, in France and abroad. The goal? Provide a critical and distant perspective on events, but also visibility to exemplary trades, careers and careers.

Actors from the world of art, from collectors to heads of institutions to gallery owners and experts from sales houses, find in Le Quotidien and its Hebdo all the information that allows them to discover, understand and anticipate.

Le Quotidien de l’Art is created every day by a team of specialized journalists, and by a network of French and international reference contributors. It thus has a unique responsiveness combined with the best expertise.