Original and innovative platform dedicated to the promotion of video art 

In search of an innovative and demanding project that takes the Nice scene, Odile Redolfi conceived in 2015 with Pauline Payen, a new event at the Windsor Hotel the festival «Objectif Vidéo Nice». The first edition was sponsored by Christian Bernard, Director of Mamco in Geneva, the concept was to invite twenty international museums or art centers, to inhabit a room of the Windsor Hotel with a video of their choice. Pauline chose with each one the best room for the project, according to the projection device or by establishing a dialogue between the video and the place.

24 video art programs were thus proposed, the artists’ rooms of the Windsor Hotel being used as a showcase for the diffused videos, by varying the presentations, from the minimal presentation on a television monitor, to the large screen projection on the wall, on the floor or on the ceiling. OVNi has been acclaimed by the public for its original concept. OVNi was conceived as a project of «artistic hospitality», it federates since the first year the local actors and invites today French and international art structures to expose video artworks in several hotels, cultural or design spaces, unusual places.