Michèle Robine, president and founder of OPLINEPRIZE

For fourteen years OPLINEPRIZE, an event recognized as being of public utility, has played a major role on the contemporary art scene by awarding a digital, intergenerational prize open to all..

Today, OPLINEPRIZE meets four major objectives

Democratize access to contemporary art by using digital tools

Create links between emerging artists, opinion leaders and internationally renowned creators

Develop a vast community in which businesses and cultural institutions come together to activate the creative scene

Promote transversality between the artistic scene and digital developments

More than just prizes, OPLINEPRIZE is above all a community that makes it a real success today

+150 curators

+200 featured artistes

+300 000 followers

+600 close contacts 

Artists of all generations, from all backgrounds and all cultures are represented OPLINEPRIZE has the will to defend art in all its forms while having a particular attachment to new media and new technologies.