The initial vocation of OPLINE was always to make the discovery of artistic creation in the field of contemporary art accessible to as many people as possible.
In this dynamic every year we reveal the fantastic potential of new technologies both in the creative journey of the artist and in the ever closer proximity of the public and works of art.

OPLINE captures media of all kinds that multiply to offer an ever new approach to contemporary art. We constantly report the discreet or vertiginous connivances of the digital practice of the artist in his creative approach.

Every year for 14 years OPLINEPRIZE publishes on its website «oplineprize.com» an exceptional catalogue:
     • the news and diversity of the works presented,
     • by the speeches of artists and curators
     • by choosing the best guests and best partners each year.

OPLINEPRIZE is also international through the origins of the nominated artists, through partners and exhibition venues that range from Canada from Belgium to China and from Korea to Italy.

OPLINE over all these years is recognized as a brand, a label of artistic and cultural requirement.

In conclusion we can say that the notoriety of OPLINEPRIZE offers a rare visibility in the current market of contemporary art to all our artists and also values the high quality work of all our volunteer collaborators.

Thank you all and see you next year

Philippe BERNARD